About me

Ye Qian

a designer and media artist

If I stop the pursuit of knowledge in different fields, I would live in endless ignorance and confusion; If I don’t explore the world, I would not be able to appreciate the beauty of life; If I don’t share minds with different people in the world, I would only have an obscure meaning of life. I was deeply touched by Russell’s words, ”the longing for love, the pursuit of knowledge, compassion for human suffering is deterred, these three simple but strong feelings dominate my life.” For me, knowledge and experience are my legs, belief is my inexhaustible motivation.

2019.03—2020.05 Art|Sci Lab, UCLA, Visiting researcher

Department: Art|Sci Lab, Game Lab

Directions: Mixed Reality, Tangible Interaction, Media Art installation.

2017.09—2020.05 Kunstuniversität Linz, Master of ART

Department: Interface Culture.

Directions: Mixed Reality, Tangible Interaction, Media Art installation.

Master Thesis: “Natural Interface in Mixed-Reality” (email for more info) Committee: Prof. Christa Sommerer, Prof. Laurent Mignonneau, Prof. Martin Kaltenbrunner, Prof. Victoria Vesna (UCLA).

2012.9—2015.6 Zhejiang University, Master of engineering

Department: Innovation and Engineering Design Lab, College of software technology, College of computer science.

Directions: Information Product Design, Human-computer Interaction.

Director: Prof. Ying Fangtian

2008.9—2012.6 JIANGNAN University, Bachelor of ART

Department: School of Design.

Directions: Industrial Design, Interaction Design.


2020.05—now Senior UX Designer, Alipay, Alibaba Group

2019.03—2020.05 Visiting Researcher, Art|Sci Lab, UCLA

2015.04—2016.10 Product Designer, LifeSmart Corporation

2015.01—2015.04 Research& Teaching Assistant, Shanghai Jiaotong University

2014.10—2015.01 UX Designer, Philips Design China (Lighting)

2014.07—2015.01 Interaction Designer, Philips research Asia shanghai (Healthcare)

2013.10—2014.05 Design researcher, Aliexpress, Alibaba Group




Exhibitions& Talk
Ars Electronics Festival -- Out of The Box

Vienna, Austria

Laser Talk

Los Angeles, USA

Ars Electronics Festival -- Error

Vienna, Austria

London Design Week -- V&A museum

London, UK