Water Instrument: a water interface instrument

“Water Instrument” see Figure 1, a musical instrument that generates sound by interacting with water. Audiences can splash and stir water as they wish, and the Water Instrument shown in...


TRIALITY is an unconventional exploration of MR (or Mixed-reality) development that challenges the boundaries of our perception. In a mysterious laboratory, three participants have to synchronize to solve pending tasks....

POPAL: Play beyond the screen

Connecting with the natural world is important for young children. Previous research on child cognition shows that comprehension of abstract concepts comes from interactions with physical objects. Getting children to...

E-Textiles: an interactive digital-cloth

E-Textiles | Wearable Design

Beyond Paper

I’m motivated to create an embedded mixed-experience for children that allows for a more interactive experience that enhances the connection between digital information and the physical interface. I’ve been working...


Bird Song Diamond

Bird Song Diamond - 鸟鸣钻石是艺术家、UCLA大学新媒体负责人Victroia教授和我协助装作的大型交互艺术装置。

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Touchable U: Tangible interaction glove for long-distance lovers

As technology evolved, communication became easier, but face-to-face communication still gave us more emotional expression than social apps like FaceTime or Skype. People usually make physical contact when they get...

The 19th Asian Games HangZhou 2022


Medication management System

An intelligent drug management apparatus and connected care solution

For a better stay: Enhancing hotel-stay with light

A good sleep is a key criteria for hotel stay. Mounting pressure from life and work on urban dwellers leads to increased demand for sleep solutions and related ‘remedies’ such...

Lighting for Aged

The aim is to provide a better lighting experience for Chinese elders when they wake up in the midnight. We did plentiful user research like following, observations, interviews, visits and...

LifeSmart Bulb

Features high light output LEDs capable of producing over sixteen million colors in any range of brightness.

Forest Seasons: Mixed-reality TUI for preschoolers

Interactions with nature have a huge impact on early learning. More and more app developers and traditional publishers are developing educational apps for mobile devices, like smartphones and tablets. The...

Finger rehab system design

Finger rehabilitation system for patients with chronic disease

Elderly communication solution

Elderly communication solution

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The 19th Asian Games HangZhou 2022